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Homeowners in Chester, North England have installed infrared panels throughout the house and now they feel the warmth.


  • Installed a mixture of panels: 350w, 600w and 1200w.
  • Replaced old storage radiator heaters.
  • Infrared panels were hard wired.
  • Living room had two panels and were both controlled by thermostats.
  • £4000 to install the whole house.
  • . Installation took 2 days.


JM Renewable Solutions (JMRS) met with the clients to discuss various possible eco heating methods for their family home in Chester, North West England.

After sitting down with the couple we were able to gather their specific needs and requirements when it came to heating their home efficiently. The couple highlighted their interest in infrared heating panels from the first meeting after they had visited a friend’s property that had the panels installed for over a year. JMRS conducted the house survey and a thorough feasibility analysis of potential renewable heating systems. The house was previously heated by old storage radiators that were becoming less efficient and more costly to run.


After delivering a comparative analysis and quotation JMRS consultants sat down with the couple and agreed on installing infrared panels throughout the home. The clients were eager to go down the infrared panels’ route because they had seen the benefits their friends have enjoyed; including how quickly the panels’ heated up a room, the lack of space they require (mounted on walls/ceilings), they were more aesthetically pleasing and finally their positive environmental impact. They also liked the fact that the panels could be mounted high up walls or even on the ceiling, and thus are out of the reach of their grandchildren. The installation took 2 days to complete as one panel was put into each room and 2 were put in the living room.


  • The infrared panels are very low wattage which means much cheaper running costs for the customer, compared to old heating system.
  • Household running costs have been reduced by 20%.
  • Heats up the house much more efficiently and effectively.
  • The house/owners have decreased their carbon footprint and environmental impact.
  • No added maintenance costs or any major difficulties since installation.