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We have now extended our installation and consultancy services to Social Housing Providers, Local Authorities and Registered Social Landlords.


  • Cleaner, safer and more efficient energy systems.
  • Financially viable- the newly reformed Renewable Heat Incentive pays the Social Housing Provider a quarterly sum for a period of 20 years, generating a healthy return on investment.
  • Switching from oil, LPG or natural gas to renewables could potentially save tenants up to 30-50% on energy bills and also minimises the risk of fuel poverty.
  • Reduces carbon emissions, helping the Social Housing Provider achieve its CSR/ sustainability objectives and targets.

We tailor our consultancy service to meet the individual requirements of each Social Housing Provider. Our symbiotic working relationship with all the relevant stakeholders involved from Asset managers to tenants, allows us to meet those requirements.

We believe that the Social Housing Providers we work with must completely  understand the options available and once engaged, have the necessary support throughout the project.


Contact for consultation – 01244 555141

Free initial consultation meeting

Produce energy report & design the system

Final meeting – discussion of the recommendations